9:00am to 5:00pm
7:00am to 10:00pm
Same Place, New Name.

Parkside Plaza has undergone a name change to Lederer Shopping Centre Miranda.


Lederer Group acquired Parkside Plaza over 20 years ago, renovated the centre in 2015 and completed an ambience upgrade in 2018. Parkside Plaza, now Lederer Miranda is one of seven shopping centres in the Lederer Group Shopping Centre Portfolio specialising in providing a convenient and family-friendly shopping experience.


Our aim with the rebrand, is to show Lederer Group’s investment and commitment to the local community:


  • We strive for our shopping centres to be an integral part of each community.
  • To create a community destination that inspires and embodies the beauty of the Shire, spirit of the people and all that makes this area unique.

Lederer Group’s personality focuses strongly on creating:

  • A local place for the local people.
  • Community and family-focused.

We look to an exciting new future driven by our shared purpose of enriching communities, including the experience of all our customers and retailers.